moving into your new home

The excitement of moving into a new home and a new neighborhood can be exhilarating and overwhelming. Unfamiliarity is always uncomfortable. Plan ahead to be sure your personal essentials are easily accessible the first night and morning in your new house. And check out the new neighborhood before you arrive, so you can find any supplies you may have forgotten. The sooner you are settled into the house, the sooner you can explore your new community. 

Start with a “First Night Box”

The first night in a new home is also the most challenging. Planning and packing a single box (or boxes) will ease the stress of the transition into the new space. Include supplies for going to bed, and getting started the next day. Every individual and family will have special needs to be included; most people will benefit from having these items ready to go: 

For each bathroom: Toilet paper; towels, facecloths, soaps and shampoos; toothbrushes, toothpaste and drinking cups. 

For the kitchen: Dishes and cutlery for each person; dish soap, wash cloths and hand towels; pots, if cooking is an option; toaster or toaster oven and pot holders; coffee, coffee cups and coffee maker; bread, cereal and milk for breakfast. 

For the bedrooms: Pillows, night clothes, sheets and blankets or sleeping bags; night lights.

Also be sure to include important papers, medications, electronics chargers, cleaning supplies and anything else that might come in handy.

Check out the neighborhood:

Silver Lake has a wide variety of grocery stores and retailers – as well as plenty of character. Silver Lake is a historic community. Formerly named “Ivanhoe” in the late 1800’s by Scotsman Hugo Reid, many of its street names have Scottish names or names that are related to the Ivanhoe novel. It was the home of several early movie studios, including Walt Disney’s first studio. Many of its locations appear in films both old and new. Many early stars lived in Silver Lake, including Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, cowboy star Tom Mix, and Gloria Swanson among other glamorous notables. 

Numerous groceries are available to provide for every taste. Trader Joes, Good Eggs, Gelson’s Market, H&H Market and Whole Foods offer distinctive inventories that differ from those of many larger chain stores.

The Silver Lake Medical Center is the local hospital. Occupational health, urgent care, mental and behavioral health services and kidney care are among the many medical specialties available at the facility. Health providers in the area include dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, nutritionists and many other disciplines. 

Silver Lake has three elementary schools (Atwater, Clifford and Ivanhoe), one middle school (Thomas Starr King) and one high school (John Marshall). Also, Silver Lake is the home of St. Theresa of Avila Catholic School, and the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music.

If the morning aspects of the “First Night Box” didn’t get you up and going, Silver Lake offers numerous coffee joints to provide that initial jolt of caffeine. Intelligentsia (3922 W Sunset Blvd), Tierra Mia Coffee (1202 N Alvarado St), and LA MILL Coffee Boutique (1636 Silver Lake Blvd).

When the unpacking is finished, or to celebrate when you’ve truly “moved in”, restaurants in all price ranges are nearby. Red Lion Tavern (2366 Glendale Blvd), Blossom (4019 W Sunset) and El Siete Mares (3131 W Sunset Blvd) offer reasonable prices and excellent food. Alimento (1710 Silver Lake Blvd) is pricey but is worth the cost.

The word “home” can be defined as both an actual house, as well as the community in which it is located. Being prepared to enjoy a new home in the chaos of moving makes it easier to settle in.

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