Organizational tips

When you move into a new home in Newark, you’re going to need some time to unpack completely because, let’s face it, unpacking is a lot of work.  You can’t do it all in one day.  During that time, you’re going to have some boxes lying around, possibly half-opened.  Not everything is going to look perfect during this transitional period.  However, you can make sure that when you’re completely unpacked, everything has a proper place.  Your new home and your old one might require different organizational techniques because of differences in size, layout etc.  So here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

  1. Clothing.  First, you want to figure out how much closet space you have.  If it’s not enough to fit all your things, you’ll probably want to get a spare wardrobe or chest of drawers for your bedroom.  If that doesn’t suffice, think about buying furniture with storage space underneath.  You can get beds and sofas with drawers underneath.  These are easy to access and spacious too.
  2. Shelving.  If you have a lot of books, it’s a great idea to create an accent wall which just consists of shelving.  You can even get a moving stepladder which will help you to reach the upper shelves.  This gives the room the look of an old-fashioned, cozy library.
  3. Using Nooks and Crannies.  Often, people only assess the space they have in the main areas of their new home.  They overlook the nooks and crannies.  However, these areas can be used to store and beautify.  Put up a couple of small shelves with books and showpieces or create a window seat with storage in a corner of your home.
  4. Think Vertically.  One great way to save space and keep everything organized is to think vertically rather than horizontally.  You don’t need to spread things horizontally around your new home.  Instead, you can store them higher.  As mentioned above, you can get bookshelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.  Or get bunk beds for your kids so that you have more space in the rest of the room to store their things.  People have even been known to put couches or desks under top bunks.  Kitchen shelving or cabinets which go all the way to the ceiling will also be helpful.
  5. Get a System.  You need to think about exactly what type of system will make living in your home more convenient for you.  Some people like to organize their clothes by color.  Some might want to organize their books by author name or time period.  Others might want to organize clothes according to type — dresses, skirts, tops, pants etc.  You need to consider what type of organization will work best for you.  Try out a few ways of organizing things before you pick one.
  6. Buy One, Throw One.  Every time you buy something new, throw out something old.  If you buy a new piece of clothing, get rid of an old one.  If you buy your kids a new toy, throw out an old one.  This will make sure that your home never gets full to bursting.
  7.  Use Old Things in New Ways.  It’s always fun to come up with new uses for old things.  When you’re throwing out stuff, think about whether you can use it for something else.  Real Simple magazine has an entire section devoted to this idea where they recommend interesting things such as using a dryer sheet to remove soap scum from shower curtains and coffee filters to wipe your laptop screens.  After all, organization is also about making the best use of the things you have.

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