Moving to that new home you just bought from Trumark Homes can be an exciting but tiring experience. It can also be highly stressful if you just rush right into it. Slow down, especially if you have a family in tow, and make the transition as smooth as possible by using the following tips.

Start with a plan. When you’re still packing at your old house, label each box with its contents and the name of the room it goes into. Attach a room label to every piece of furniture as well. When you get to your new home but before the movers arrive, label each room with a letter-sized sheet of paper or bigger. When the movers finally arrive, they will know exactly where to take each item that they unload.

Make sure the utilities at your new home come no later than the day you arrive. You’ll need to contact the service providers such as the electrical, water, and cable companies. Don’t forget to have the utilities turned off at your old place after the day you leave. Inform the Postal Service at your old place where to forward mail.

Unpack in this order at your new home. Start with the bathrooms and then unpack the children’s rooms so your kids have a place to be that’s out of the way of the movers and adults. Set up your own bedroom, including makeup and clothes, so you have a safe space to retreat to when the rest of the house is still disorganized. Finally, work on the kitchen, which can take a while to unpack because of the number of things it contains. Just remember you can eat at restaurants or fast food outlets before your kitchen is set up.

Maintenance Tools

You can still call professionals for large repairs, such as if your garbage disposal breaks down or all the power in a room shuts down. But you can fix minor problems if you have some basic tools. A hammer, saw, and a carpenter’s level can handle repairs involving wood, while electrical work typically involves pliers, screwdrivers with different types and sizes of blades, and a wire stripper. For plumbing, buy a wrench. You can organize your tools in a small chest with a carrying handle.

Gardening Equipment

If you have been living in an apartment or a rental home, your landscaping was taken care of by the management company. But unless you’re purchasing a townhome, home ownership comes with outdoor chores. If you have any kind of a grassy area, you’re going to need a lawnmower. A small yard can make do with an electric version while larger expanses need a gas-powered version. Even if your backyard is hardscaped, you need pruning shears and garden shovels to take care of container plants. Unless you have a sprinkler or drip system, your plants need water from a garden house or watering can. If you have a tree that drops its leaves seasonally, get a rake and outdoor broom to clean up.

If you need more tips on what you need to do to prepare for moving into a new house, or need help in buying one to begin with, please contact us.