Shopping for a new home can bring a spark into a marriage, while renovating an older one often causes marital friction. Although it’s fun to visit new model homes and talk to different California home builders about your dreams, what do you do when your spouse doesn’t have the same tastes in homes? According to an article by the Boston Globe, buying a home together is often like walking in a mine field for some couples. Buying a new construction home rather than a resale home can actually eliminate much of the stress involved. With a new construction home, you don’t have to worry about whether the seller is hiding a home with mold. Also, being able to customize a home can often solve the problem of opposite design tastes as long as there is some willingness to compromise.

Making it a smooth move

Experts point out that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. To reduce the stress of relocating, approach it as an adventure with your spouse. Go together as a team to visit new home communities such as hip, urban infill projects. Sit down with California home builders to find out the time line you can expect from the time you put down earnest money until closing.

Negotiating with your spouse

When buying a resale home, most people negotiate with the seller to get the best deal. When you set out to buy a new construction home in California, you negotiate with your spouse or other family members who will live in the home. It’s a good idea for you and your spouse to compile a must-have list. Decide the order of importance for every item on your list including number of bedrooms, size of the home and number of bathrooms. Do you want a rooftop deck or balcony? How important is a view? Decide what items are negotiable and what are non-negotiable.

Consulting with your builder

Before making assumptions about what’s available, consult with sales representatives for your builder and others who have insider knowledge of new homes. Before arguing with a spouse about the cost of putting in granite countertops or Shaker-style cabinetry, find out if those upgrades are already included in the kitchen. If your spouse objects to a home that’s not “green,” let a reputable builder explain the use of energy-saving radiant barrier roof sheathing, Low-E glass windows, energy efficient appliances and other perks.

Designating the man cave

Many men often joke about having a man cave in a new home, but everyone in the family deserves privacy and some personal space. Consider floor plans that will give you privacy as well as space for entertaining and family time. Some people eliminate arguments by decorating in an eclectic style. You can leave the decorating of different floors to different people in the home. If in doubt, use a transitional style which incorporates traditional and contemporary.

Thinking about the future

Many couples like living in multi-story homes because of their flexibility. If you plan to have a baby, consider an extra bedroom rather than a loft on the floor where you have your master suite.

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