Our last blog discussed many reasons for buying a home instead of renting one. However, you might still be asking yourself if you should buy a home right now. It can be difficult to come up with a down payment for a house but it can be worth it. Here are a few more reasons to start looking to buy your first home.

You have more options when you own your own home. You can paint without getting permission. You can do any renovations that you want. You have more freedom to change anything that you want.

When things break, you do not have to wait for a landlord to come and fix them. Some landlords are busy and are not able to check on things when things happen. If you own your own home, you alone are responsible to fix things the way that you want.

When you are renting, you could lose your home at any time. The landlord can make you move for any reason. They can sell it to someone else who decides that they want to live in it. With your own home, you know that you have a stable home for years to come.

When you own your own home, you are eligible for tax deductions. Yes, you pay more on taxes and interest but it can be rewarding to get a large amount of money back at tax time.
Many people look forward to being able to retire when their house is paid off. They won’t have a mortgage or rent! They will simply have to pay taxes.

There are so many reasons to buy a home today. You have the flexibility to change anything that you want. You do not have to wait on landlords to fix things when they are broken. Instead, you can do them yourself, the way that you want them fixed. You also have a stable home. You do not have to worry that your landlord is going to sell your home. You can also look forward to tax time when you will get some money back, simply for owning a home and paying extra taxes. You can also look forward to paying off your home and retiring!

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