One of the many reasons you chose to buy a Trumark home in San Jose or Milpitas is because it boasted an expansive two-car garage. You’ll finally have a space for all your gardening tools. Or you may be looking forward to room for tinkering on your car from your one-car garage. In either case, moving stuff to your new home’s garage requires some special handling:

Bundle the tools

Secure long-handled tools together with twine or cord. Remove any attachments, especially from power tools, and pack these separately. Store hand tools separately, using peanuts or papers to fill empty spaces and prevent unnecessary movement. Wrap towels around any sharp tools or objects.

Eliminate liquids

Remove fuel from power tools, such as lawn mowers or garden tractors. Dispose of any liquids that cannot be moved, such as oil and gas, according to instructions from your waste disposal company. By law, movers are not allowed to transport any hazardous materials. Consult with the movers to find out what other substances you cannot take to the new house.


Take apart any outdoor furniture, children’s swing sets, or garden sheds whenever possible. If you don’t have the instructions, take pictures of your items at different stages of dis-assembly, so you know how to put them back together again. Clean the frames of any dirt and debris. Put small parts, such as nuts and bolts, into Ziplock bags or coffee cans and label them. Patio furniture cushions must be packed separately in large boxes.

Packing your tools, powered equipment, and outdoor items correctly allows you and the movers to unload them safely and quickly into your new garage.

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