Trumark Silver Lake

Kick your daily commute to the curb by finding your new home in a walkable neighborhood. Rather than sitting in traffic, you can spend your time picking up groceries, dropping off mail at the post office, and grabbing a latte without needing to get behind the wheel. Silver Lake was recently rated one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and for good reason: new homes in Silver Lake are so close to shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations that most daily errands can be completed on foot.

Neighborhoods that provide plentiful nearby amenities, like Silver Lake, are good for your happiness, health, and even your wallet. Studies show that walking daily improves mood and is good for overall heart health. When you walk rather than drive, you also save money: with gas prices constantly rising, especially in Los Angeles, walking keeps your fuel costs low.

Most of Silver Lake’s amenities are located on trendy Sunset Boulevard, and features multitudes of coffee houses, ethnic eateries, hole-in-the-wall taco shops, dive bars, and dance clubs. The Silver Lake Reservoir even offers a gorgeous waterfront view lined by rolling green hills, for when you want to get away from the excitement of downtown.

Walkable neighborhoods are becoming the new standard. Residents no longer want to depend on their cars to get from place to place. If you need to buy a new home in Los Angeles, Trumark Homes in Silver Lake offers all of these great amenities and more. Contact us to learn more about what a walkable neighborhood can do for you.