With new hip, urban infill projects happening, it’s possible to find a new home in Southern California that has modern spaces and highly-coveted outdoor living spaces. Blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors is one of the trademarks of modern living. Instead of having a yard to maintain, it’s exciting to embrace vertical urban living with balconies, porches and even rooftop terraces.

According to a recent article by Architizer, some of the contemporary trends that are redefining architecture include explicit geometry such as an array of square openings placed throughout the residence. Windows that allow light to stream into the home is one of the modernist features that homeowners love. When trying to find a new home in Southern California with modern flair, have a checklist of features and amenities.

  • A modern kitchen

In your house hunt to find a new home, you should not be shy about having high standards, especially when it comes to the hub of the home. A gourmet kitchen can be a culinary retreat. Experts say people are using their kitchens not only as a place to cook, but a place to gather, study, work and socialize. Look for premium kitchen appliances in stainless steel. Contemporary European cabinetry pairs well with Quartz countertops and a decorative backsplash. According to a recent article by HGTV, Quartz countertops are exploding in popularity in the U.S after trending in Europe for the past decade.

  • Open, spacious space

Modern homes are known for being open and airy with plenty of access to the outdoor. In addition to terraces and balconies, you can find a new home with oversized windows and 10-foot ceilings. Having something as unique as a roof terrace may help you build equity in your home since it’s an in-demand feature. According toone article by the New York Times, people will pay more to have private outdoor space in an urban area. Outdoor spaces are rare in an urban area, which is why it’s important to find a home that has it all.

Trumark Homes is a new home builder with progressive urban infill projects in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake California. If you are looking for modern spaces, you may be interested in SL 70, a new home community in Silver Lake which features roof terraces. For more information about how we can help you find a new home that is eclectic, electric and exciting, please contact us.