Even though you may feel as though you are being indulgent by buying a new construction home, it’s going to be better on your budget. A lot of Millennials ask their parents, “Which is better, a new home or a used home?” Because so many parents have already put tens of thousands of dollars into resale homes that were money pits, the answer is usually to buy new. For a first-time homebuyer, that bit of advice may spark the start of an exciting journey of touring new home models and choosing floor plans for the lifestyle they thought was financially out of reach.

Saving on utility costs

New construction homes are built to be more energy-efficient. A lot of California home builders, in particular, are sensitive to environmental concerns. If you have a “green attitude,” you will be interested in Trumark Homes’ urban infill projects in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California. The homes are built with radiant barrier roof sheathing, quality insulation and tankless water heaters to help you conserve energy.

Avoiding costly renovations

Some Millennials rather get a professional opinion on the question, “Which is better, a new home or a used home?” Realtors can help you figure out how much money it would cost to renovate or update a resale home as opposed to buying new. In most cases, new construction homes are more affordable because the builder can make more cost-effective purchases of high-end contemporary plumbing fixtures, upgraded countertops, cabinetry and tile. You won’t have to renovate, replace old wiring and plumbing or worry about replacing broken appliances and worn-out HVAC systems.

Getting into the modern age

Buying new means you won’t have to spend money to get the older home wired for the new age. At Trumark Homes, we build many homes pre-wired with Cat 5 wiring in the family room, kitchen and bedooms as well as pre-wiring for phones in the master bedroom and kitchen. In terms of interior design, the styles are contemporary with white subway brick ceramic tiles for the shower walls, contemporary interior doors, cabinetry and faucets,

Buying a new home, whether it’s the first time or not, is an exhilarating experience. If you still have questions about the advantages of buying new, please contact us.