Should I buy a new home or a used one? This is a question every home buyer must decide. If a new home is in your price range, there are many advantages to purchasing a new home over a used home:

Energy Efficiency: New homes come with vinyl-framed efficient glass windows, superior insulation, energy efficient lighting, radiant barrier roof sheathing, Energy Star Appliances, and efficient HVAC. The electrical wiring and the plumbing will always be modern and up-to-code. The house will not be wasting energy with leaky door seals and window seals.

No Repairs: Moving into a used home is always a work in progress. Sellers do not usually make repairs on homes that they are selling; they would rather reduce the price than invest the money in a house they are selling. Repairs may include only cosmetic details such a paint and carpet, if you are lucky. They likely will include major repairs like plumbing, wiring, or roofing, if not immediately, then soon. There are always surprises that come with a used home, and they are rarely the “find a hidden treasure in the attic” type of surprise.

Modern Conveniences: A new home will have the upgrades built in that you will dream of doing to a used home. A tankless water heater, recessed lighting, stylish rocker switches, and contemporary cabinetry and plumbing fixtures are just some of the details included in new home construction. Larger kitchens and bathrooms are common in new home construction. New homes typically have high ceilings in the living area and have an open and airy feel to them.

Financial Incentives: There are often financial incentives to buying new homes. There may be rebates available through the homebuilder or the mortgage company. Homeowner’s insurance is easier to get on a new home, and often does not require an inspection. You may pay more up front to purchase a new home, but you will save money in the long-term because you will not be spending money on repairs for many years. New homes come with warranties, usually for one year from purchase.

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