Most young home buyers plan to stay in their new home for at least 5 years. Sometimes people get so attached to their family homes and the memories they have made that they wish they hadn’t outgrown the space.

Fortunately, new home floor plans for young families can meet current needs as well as adapt with a changing needs as the family evolves. According to a recent National Association of Realtors report on homebuyer and seller generational trends, 14 percent of all buyers studied purchased a multi-generational home.

When purchasing a new home, it’s important to think about how the floor plan can meet needs now and in the future. Multi-generational homes are defined as one in which the household is made up of adult children over the age of 18, and/or grandparents residing in the house.

Trumark Homes has many new home floor plans for young families searching for walkable upscale neighborhoods in Milpitas, San Jose and Silver Lake, California. Young buyers can find adaptable townhomes that suit their different stages of life.

  • Making the best use of the first floor

Homebuyers have some flexibility when buying townhomes. They often have the choice to choose either a den and a bedroom on the lower level or an over-sized bedroom. For people work out of the home, a den might better suit their needs. An over-sized bedroom would be ideal on the first floor would be ideal as an in-law suite for elderly relatives.

  • Envisioning outdoor space to entertain

When choosing a floor plan, think about where you would like to entertain the children and guests. Outdoor space is extremely important, which is why it’s nice to have a deck, porch and rooftop terrace.

  • Having several family rooms

Another important part of a floor plan is space that can be used for television, play rooms and indoor recreation. Some floor plans come with optional family rooms or retreats. Most families desire separate bedrooms for each child, but it’s also important to designate space for different kinds of activities such as media time as well as quiet space for reading and painting.

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